read NAND / enable serial debugging

xiangfu xiangfu at
Tue Jul 8 13:00:51 CEST 2008

Please ignore my last three mail.sorry.

Andy Green wrote:
> Thinking about what you're trying to do here, executing code from NAND
> will be hard to debug.  If it got the wrong code, you will just crash. |
> |  >unsigned char buf[824];
> |  >#define ADDR  (*(volatile unsigned *)buf) 
now i can make the CPU run the BUF code(this code is read from NAND 
later. now is init in compile)
and already put it in GIT.
> It will be easier to understand what the NAND code is doing if you set
> up console serial port now and you can "debug with printf".
> I found the minimum low level initialization for s3c24xx serial port in
> a patch I wrote a few weeks ago.
but still don't know how to use the serial debugging.

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