backlight device, suspend/resume... [RANT]

Sean McNeil sean at
Wed Jul 9 04:44:56 CEST 2008

Mike (mwester) wrote:
> Sean McNeil wrote:
>> ... A user shouldn't get
>> his/her hands on things until suspend/resume has been ironed out and is
>> working properly. They shouldn't be getting things in this state. Only
>> developers should.  Alternatively, does it make sense for a user to have
>> a device where the screen is constantly blinking on as it is doing now?
> There are several thousand GTA01's in the wild right now.  I have no
> idea how many GTA02's have been delivered to users by now, how many are
> in transit, and how many are waiting to ship in warehouses somewhere --
> but I am on the #openmoko IRC channel, and it's pretty clear that there
> are numerous users with the devices, in exactly this state.
> So my point is exactly this, that users have the device in this state,
> and given this reality we need to make compromises.

Not at all. I believe this means we should have a "stable" and a 
"development" branch. Those that have the know-how can venture into the 
development branch are forewarned. I just saw you sent an email pretty 
much along the same lines.

One fault I find in this is you are assuming too much knowledge or skill 
in the user base. I am not certain they could provide data that would 
help directly. In most cases the only way to help would be if someone 
with more skill can duplicate the problem.

>> We are not asking to leave the screen off. We are saying the application
>> layer is suppose to control it. If you sleep with display on, wakes up
>> on. Sleep with display off, wake with display off. If you think it is
>> important to always wake up with display on, then always suspend with it
>> turned on. Doesn't that work for you?
> Oh it works for me _personally_ just fine - I have a complete
> development environment for every image available for the gta01 and
> gta02 (with the exception of Qtopia; I don't currently build that).  I
> can change anything I want.
> But that doesn't work for Joe User, who flashed an image he downloaded
> from the OM build host.  That's the person who needs to be given what
> help we can, because that's the person who's going to influence others
> to buy the device, and possibly buy the gta03 or gta04 in the future.
Yes, but Joe User won't be able to help even if the display is turned on :)

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