backlight device, suspend/resume... [RANT]

Mike (mwester) mwester at
Wed Jul 9 08:12:16 CEST 2008

Sean McNeil wrote:
> Yes, but Joe User won't be able to help even if the display is turned on :)

Joe User can say:

a) "I pushed the button, and display flickered, looked like colored snow
for a second, then went blank completely."

or Joe can say:

b) "I pushed the button and nothing happened.  Nothing at all."

Honestly, don't discount even the little clues that can help understand
a problem.  Those two descriptions are vastly different, and when you
sort through enough bug reports and support tickets, as I have done for
a considerable part of my life, you learn to find patterns in such
descriptions, little clues that can help find a common theme so that the
developer can reproduce the problem in a lab.

But hey, we've beaten this issue to death now.  At this point I'm
totally convinced it's a developer vs support viewpoint that's at odds here.

Whatever, I'm done with this issue now - as I said earlier, let's all
code away, let's all deny that we write imperfect code, that the device
is unstable, that we need the users to help us with better bug reports,
and instead let's insult the users by telling them that they "won't be
able to help even if the display is turned on".

Mike (mwester)

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