backlight device, suspend/resume... [RANT]

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Wed Jul 9 08:43:48 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Ok, enough said.  The community will maintain a patch to make sure that
| we can read the display when the thing crashes.  Once the device

Mike I wrote the code to force the backlight up on resume and that is
the current state of affairs today.  And as I explained I did it for the
same reason you think the idea is good.  So for that core action it
seems we agree.

(Separately, it seems it doesn't account for having done that correctly
in backlight /sys and that can be fixed without changing anything anyway.)

I don't doubt you should run your own tree and it should be an
established option, and it will likely be widely chosen, and I will do
my best to work with it.  And I don't doubt either that you'll be able
to do things better than we can by doing the right thing kernel side,
like in this, in the cases where bad decisions get forced on this end
without any real consideration of the whole issue.

- -Andy
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