Proposal: "debug" branch for the kernel

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Wed Jul 9 13:05:17 CEST 2008

> Let me preface this by noting another nice feature of FOSS development
> is the free advice that turns up in ones inbox, often enumerating the
> ways one sucks, but not always.  I heard it wasn't always anyway.

Your Suck wants Freedom!

> Stuff has to get floated and discussed, no matter how comforting the
> idea of a leather-clad jackbooted "all wise" Design Sadist may feel to
> some folks.  As I said I don't think anybody is "all wise" on all the
> layers we deal with.

All I'm saying is that we need a bit of a cattle prod to keep you guys  
in line.

> *shrug* I can imagine designs that are done entirely in kernel space  
> for
> some reason.  This is just pure prejudice on your part to imagine a  
> race
> of userspace overlords.  Although if they had a sexy uniform and  
> looked
> prettier than the current userspace guys, I might be convinced to go
> along with this.

If they weren't guys, I'd be standing in line with you.

> Like I said about a thousand times an actual spec for this product, so
> long as it was sane and self-consistent with its goals is the missing
> ingredient.  Generally if people discuss technical stuff without
> prejudice and insecurity they can quickly reach a globally  
> acceptable way.

Generally you're right, and I concur: an actual spec would be nice.

Jay Vaughan

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