current focus

Sean McNeil sean at
Wed Jul 9 18:37:26 CEST 2008

While I'm very happy to see the lively debate happening regarding 
suspend/resume states, I would like to see more focus on what I consider 
show-stoppers. There was a lot of email flying over the past couple of 
weeks that I was wondering about:

How are things with the battery draining issue and phone lockup? This 
causes a bad state where the user cannot charge the battery because they 
cannot start the phone, right?

How is the progress with resume lockup from gsm interrupt? I'm now using 
andy-tracking and the problem still exists there. I noticed some patches 
about interrupts not being restored in pcf60533 if the wakeup wasn't 
because of a push button. Have those been put into -andy? Is this 
getting any more attention or have people been relying on me to 
reproduce? This looks like it might be related to bug #1354 which just 
showed up asking for progress on the list.

Let me know what I can do to help - besides shut up and go away :)


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