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Mike (mwester) mwester at
Wed Jul 9 19:39:54 CEST 2008

Sean McNeil wrote:
> While I'm very happy to see the lively debate happening regarding
> suspend/resume states, I would like to see more focus on what I consider
> show-stoppers. ...

Fair point.  I've actually been working on the GTA02 resume failures,
but no breakthroughs at all.

> How is the progress with resume lockup from gsm interrupt? I'm now using
> andy-tracking and the problem still exists there.

I originally observed the issue on "stable".

> I noticed some patches
> about interrupts not being restored in pcf60533 if the wakeup wasn't
> because of a push button. Have those been put into -andy? Is this
> getting any more attention or have people been relying on me to
> reproduce? This looks like it might be related to bug #1354 which just
> showed up asking for progress on the list.

I observed similar symptoms, and finally got back to a state where I
could work on this more carefully yesterday, in fact.

I could not replicate the problem yesterday at all.  Last night I got
both the old GTA01 and the new GTA02 running the same rootfs image, both
from SD card, with the same kernel (different defconfigs, of course).  I
left both unplugged (battery-only), with SIM cards, side-by-side overnight.

Both were silent and apparently suspended some 8 hours later.  I sent
both an SMS -- and both awoke.

Curiously, the battery on the GTA01 was still in very fine shape - the
GTA02 was almost completely flat.  I was not expecting that, I need to
go over the logs to see if the GTA02 spent the night resuming and
suspending, or if suspend left something turned on that it shouldn't
have.  Since it's the same kernel and rootfs, I suspect perhaps it's the

The next step is to get the debug board attached to the GTA02 - but one
of the big delays in working on this further was that I seemed to have
encountered a connector problem with the debug board when I tried to
move it from the GTA01 to the GTA02. :(  Hopefully that's just my clumsy
fingers and not a permanent problem.

> Let me know what I can do to help - besides shut up and go away :)

:)  They'll toss me off the list long before you'll be evicted!  :-D
I guess I'm interested to know what Linux version you're running - did I
understand that you are seeing this with 2.6.25?

> Sean

Mike (mwester)

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