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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Both were silent and apparently suspended some 8 hours later.  I sent
| both an SMS -- and both awoke.

I can't make it either, but it is getting reported in the wild.

| Curiously, the battery on the GTA01 was still in very fine shape - the
| GTA02 was almost completely flat.  I was not expecting that, I need to
| go over the logs to see if the GTA02 spent the night resuming and
| suspending, or if suspend left something turned on that it shouldn't
| have.  Since it's the same kernel and rootfs, I suspect perhaps it's the
| wifi?


| The next step is to get the debug board attached to the GTA02 - but one
| of the big delays in working on this further was that I seemed to have
| encountered a connector problem with the debug board when I tried to
| move it from the GTA01 to the GTA02. :(  Hopefully that's just my clumsy
| fingers and not a permanent problem.

Mine's broken, the flat cable is fractured at the gold part.  I hot
glued a 0.1" debug connector on there.

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