Wm3236AQ - AR6K kernel Driver

Arnaud Derasse arnaud.derasse at wifidget.com
Thu Jul 10 16:40:27 CEST 2008


I am working on a project that uses the same wifi chip as in you project 
: the WM3236AQ from Accton.
We have some difficulties to make the linux driver working. Since Accton 
advised us to use your driver at
I prefer ask questions on this mailing list.

Well, : We are using the last driver for WM3236AQ with Firwmare 2.0. The 
driver initialisation fails first in the BMITargetInfo function in bmi.c

BMI Write : Ask for Target Info
BMI Read : Read Target Version
Target Info Version : 0xFFFFFFFF
BMI Read : Read Target info bytecount
Target Info Byte Count : 0xA, host is 12
Assertion targ_info->target_info_byte_count == sizeof(*targ_info) failed!
Kernel panic - not syncing: targ_info->target_info_byte_count 

This is the first problem, it's not blocking : This can be avoided by 
commenting the ASSERT().

Then, we have the following :

BMI Get Target Info: Exit (ver: 0x40000039 type: 0x1) <<-- This is 
correct according to Accton
Block Size Set: 128 (target address:0x8000066C)
BMI Communication timeout
Unable to write to the device
BMIWriteMemory for yield limit failed

Here is the real problem. The BMIWriteMemory fails after 
The device always return 0 instead of returning the command credits 

I don't understand why the device is not responding at this point.

If someone in your team worked on this driver, maybe he could help me. 
Accton people don't know what could be the problem and I have no 
documentation on the AR6K to be able to analyse the situation.

Thank you in advance,


Arnaud Derasse

Intuitive Technologies SARL
Pépinière d'entreprises innovantes
1 rue Albert Einstein
77447 Marne La Vallée Cedex
Tel : +33(0)1 45 92 60 43
Port : +33(0)6 73 15 09 67

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