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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Just revisiting this because I missed it the first time.

| How is the progress with resume lockup from gsm interrupt? I'm now using
| andy-tracking and the problem still exists there. I noticed some patches
| about interrupts not being restored in pcf60533 if the wakeup wasn't
| because of a push button. Have those been put into -andy? Is this

I think this was the SECONDS mask business that I believe is fixed now.

| getting any more attention or have people been relying on me to
| reproduce? This looks like it might be related to bug #1354 which just
| showed up asking for progress on the list.
| Let me know what I can do to help - besides shut up and go away :)

You have a reliable reproduction of that GSM resume bug, that's high on
my list of problems because if we clear it, we can say we have really
nice suspend / resume, because otherwise it seems really quite reliable
and fast now.

I guess you checked for any stuff on serial console when it freezes?

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