[PATCH] sdio: use interruptible sleep in kthread main loops

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Tue Jul 15 12:38:29 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| My FreeRunner's load average was leveling off at 2.00 as a result of
| these two kernel threads:
| This is untested, but what could possibly go wrong?  ;)

Hey I tested it anyway :-)  seems to do what you said about it and I
didn't see any trouble on WPA connection.  load is sane at 0.00 idle.
Good job.

It's especially welcome because I guess it will solve one of the three
outstanding issues on 2.6.26, there is new code in kernel after 2.6.25
that looks at the same waiting stats to blow syslog traffic if something
is stuck for >2mins according to it, and these same guys triggered that.
~ I'll test that shortly but it doesn't affect this being really nice to
have either way.  Sent it into stable.

- -Andy
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