Ar6K Driver problems

Arnaud Derasse arnaud.derasse at
Thu Jul 17 13:42:33 CEST 2008

> Sorry, don't know much about AR6K, but I have ideas:
> Ping is short, wget will have bulk packets flying about... it can expose
> problems maybe still in your power arrangements.  The module wants
> |400mW during rx and tx IIRC.
We are sure there is no power problems. The module can take much more 
than the maximum current required in the datasheet. The other point is : 
We have the same problem with the Accton Eval Board in an standard SDIO 
slot as with our custom board.
> You can see if this is the problem by sending abnormal pings, you can
> both floodping and change the size of ping payload, see man ping.

We already tried big pings It's working fine :
ping -s 2048 is working.

2048 bytes is maybe not enought.

The strange thing is : If we wget an ip with no machine, we have the 
same problem.
wget http://unused.ip.address

On a computer, this returns a timeout , on the target with ar6k, we have 
exactly the same log as if we used a valid address. This is the proof 
the problem is with sending the query, not receiving something too big.


Arnaud Derasse

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