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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| what i do...
| 1. apm -s (suspend)
| 2. press power button to wake up from suspend then cat the resume_reason
| info... all details below. not working for me (according to the kernel
| i SHOULD have a "*" next to the resume reason(s)). :/

|   EINT09_PMU

It seems Werner's last patchset (the wake from idle part) has broken PMU
resume reason at the moment due to reading the PMU interrupt registers
we never did before; but the CPU interrupt capture is OK from what I can
see.  So you should get a * by EINT09_PMU or EINT01_GSM etc OK.  It
works here.

Wake reason stuff when into U-Boot stable around 18th May so 1st July
should be OK.

It doesn't depend on any environment stuff.

Maybe you can check the .bb file if you know where to find it (I don't)
and make sure we build these distribution packages from stable U-Boot
branch... the one I am running here that works is locally built.

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