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Sat Jul 19 11:15:29 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hey,
| I think we should merge the 2.6.24.x series into our stable branch.
These fix
| some "security" issues but also this[1] looks like an interesting fix.
| Should I attempt a merge in my zecke branch first and then we can
attempt to
| cherry-pick that?
| how to proceed?

We should leapfrog to 2.6.26 that is out now instead of calcifying
ourselves into a 2.6.24 dead end... this is what happened with,
it became a magic place we didn't dare stray from and the effort needed
to break out was large.  That is a bad place to get to.

I have been moving debug-tracking / andy-tracking / mokopatches-tracking
~ with Linus' git HEAD for months and we didn't lose control of it unlike
before, except one outstanding bug.  Earlier this week I started making
local branches here called mokopatches-2.6.26 etc based off the master
2.6.26 tag in preparation to propose this anyway.  So it's not like we
are not on top of the next kernel update.

The one issue we have on the tracking tree is PNP support changed and my
tracking patch for it was adequate to get it compiling, but inadequate
to get it working again, it just fails to probe with an error.  So if
you want to move it forward, build andy-tracking branch and make a patch
on top of this that fixes whatever I failed to get about the API changes:;a=commitdiff;h=0d501c9d5dbf0e65f7baef8d758c7eb175661f36

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