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Sat Jul 19 11:28:08 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Without some committed assistance to ensure that the GTA01 can catch up,
| this proposed change will almost certainly leave that device behind --
| and while one can argue that there's no reason it can't remain running
| the older kernel, we all know that's not the whole story.
| No denying this, but to change in mid-stream also has unforeseen costs;
| and while I suspect that sufficient effort applied by the full-time
| experts at Openmoko will overcome any hurdles, I cannot say the same for
| the community projects that may be impacted.

You could try the tracking branches on GTA01 any time since I started
them months ago and assess what it means for GTA01.  checkout
andy-tracking and build it and you can know in 30 mins what GTA01
horrors or joys are waiting in 2.6.26.

My guess is this is not going to be too painful, since I brought over
stuff from andy as I rebased, so it is a living tree for us as well as
tracking.  When we did 2.6.24, Harald was also moving stuff around and
there were many mysteries about Glamo and other things like suspend
killing us.  The tracking branches have those solutions and patches for
GTA01 on them already.

As soon as we feel confident about 2.6.26 and move to it in the coming
weeks, I will drop support for 2.6.24 and not run two trees... well,
three trees, since andy-tracking is already going on for 2.6.27.  If
stuff is broken on 2.6.26 for GTA01, first step is definitely try
andy-tracking and let us know, we will try to fix within reason.

- -Andy
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