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Mike (mwester) mwester at
Sat Jul 19 16:57:48 CEST 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:

> Anyway, do you have an idea where to expect problems for GTA01 ? When
> would catching up with mainline be convenient for GTA01 ?

:) As always, without external impetus, the answer to when it would be
convenient is most likely to be "never"!  So someone should pick a date
a week or two out, and we'll just have to make the jump.

What I've been doing for the GTA01 to date is to watch the commits, and
evaluate if a particular commit might have an analogue for the GTA01
that needs to be developed (e.g. does the GTA01 need a version of the
SD-card clock speed change that Andy created -- this is an open item on
my list right now).

So the primary assistance needed for the GTA01 with regard to the kernel
upgrade is to make sure that there is visibility to all the manual
tweaks and fixes that were or will be necessary to make it work on the
GTA02.  It's a process issue, I guess -- to express it another way, the
undesirable state would be a single giant commit with the note "Fix
GTA02 merge issues." :)  (We've all seen those commits!)

Secondary will be the same stuff you folks have been so helpful with to
date; general questions and all.

Somebody should pick a deadline to make this happen.  In the meantime,
I'll sit on the patches I have queued up to submit to OM, and go ahead
and start testing the andy-tracking branch as Andy suggested.

Mike (mwester)

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