[PATCH] fix-data-abort / Ext3 boot OK on U-Boot

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Sun Jul 20 22:03:14 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| | My personal preference is to use ext3 (even if the journal writes may
| | reduce the lifetime of the SD card), but if it stays as ext2 then the
| | kernel defconfig-* files should be updated to have that filesystem
| | built-in.
| You are right, the base one has it
| $ grep CONFIG_EXT2_FS=y defconfig-2.6.24
| but gta01 and gta02 ones don't.  I'm going to patch EXT2 and EXT3 in and
| I hope this will therefore get used in the packages automatically
| (although what happens there is just a mystery to me).  SD Card boot is
| far too cool to have it disabled in distribution kernels.

I added ext2/3 into the defconfigs few days ago, but only now did I try
the patch... with this ext2 / ext3 boot direct from SD Card is working
fine with a single partition :-)))  That's really nice.  The magic
incantation I give U-Boot for this is (all one line):

setenv bootcmd mmcinit \; ext2load mmc 1 0x32000000 uImage.bin \; setenv
bootargs \${mtdparts} rootfstype=ext3 root=/dev/mmcblk0p1
console=ttySAC2,115200 loglevel=4 ro \; bootm 0x32000000 ; boot

You just stick the kernel's uImage.bin in the root dir of the ext3 fs on
the SD Card.

As you noticed elsewhere, we have been completely messed up for U-Boot
packages until now.  You sent a patch about it and Holger is taking care
of it, the first real U-Boot updated package for a while should come in
the next couple of days that will include this capability.  Thanks a lot
for both the patch and leapfrogging the packaging situation forward.

- -Andy
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