Backup battery discharged -> GTA01 and GTA02 dead

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Mon Jul 21 10:48:41 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| *Sometimes* (about 1 out of 20 attempts) I get a brief flash on the red
| led.  *Very Rarely* (about 1 out of 50 or 100 attempts) I actually get
| the device to boot (and run the qtopia image that I flashed on there
| months ago to try out), but never as a result of the normal NOR boot
| sequence.  However, once it's booted as soon as I try and reboot it so I
| can get it into dfu-util mode and flash a new firmware image, I'm back
| to trying for another 100 or so times before I can hope to get it to
| boot once again.  *Never* have I been able to get it to boot twice in a
| row.

One nice thing to try, the U-Boot packages have been way out of date
(and still may be).  If you can struggle to get into U-Boot and DFU in a
new U-Boot when they are actually coming from our git, it could improve
your situation due to some months of our patches you don't have right now.

I looked at

and they still seem to use the svn / git naming convention which is
wrong, I guess they are not updated yet.

If it doesn't help, it sounds a bit like you don't have a VB_SYS cap on
there or something else is up.

- -Andy

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