Backup battery discharged -> GTA01 and GTA02 dead

Rod Whitby rod at
Mon Jul 21 15:17:43 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> |> If it ain't there (or maybe fell off?) you need to add one.
> |
> | Can is off, and it looks like the VB_SYS cap is there.  It's a medium
> | size cap, which looks like it's been soldered on top of the placed
> | smaller caps.  Which end of it should I check for VB_SYS?  Left or right
> | in your picture?
> Right... I guess it would be easier if it had fell off :-)  Oh well.
> As a test, you could stick another cap in parallel with the flying one
> and see if it helps.  - end of cap would go on left, which is 0V.

I'm measuring the voltage at the right end of the VB_SYS cap with a 
voltmeter (I'm at home, so don't have a scope handy).  It seems to be 
fluctuating between 3.7ish volts and 5V.  Does that give any clue?

Any other test points under the can that I should check?

-- Rod

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