Backup battery discharged -> GTA01 and GTA02 dead

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Mon Jul 21 18:29:17 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Hmmm could the can have made contact with the top part of the rework
|> cap?  I noticed on my ones they had placed clear sticky plastic
|> insulator to stop that happening.
| The sticky plastic sheet is in place on mine, so that's not it.


| So I was able to flash the latest u-boot you sent me, and a kernel and
| rootfs to match.
| Now I can sometimes get it to boot twice in a row, but it's still about
| a 1 in 20 shot for a single boot.

Didn't help too much then...

| Hmm - on this last boot, the screen did nothing, but I suddenly got the
| startup sound.  So maybe the thing is booting but the screen is just not
| showing it.  Since I first got this device, on each successful boot, I
| always see a "ghost" of the screen as it was before reboot.  Whenever

This is because your "splash" partition is empty, U-Boot would normally
unzip a "hello" display there during this time.

| I've run the ASU image on it before it stopped working, I never got nice
| pictures on the home display, and when running Qtopia, I never got
| colours - just black and white half-icons.

Huh.  The thing you mentioned about the red LED flash though, that is
something that happens at early boot time.

Is your LCM flat cable in its socket OK?  It's under some sticky grey
"chainmail" EMI filter adhesive.

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