[PATCH 0/2] Charger monster taming

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Tue Jul 22 20:39:16 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 22 July 2008 19:16:02 you wrote:

> mach-gta02.c doesn't directly deal with pcf50633_charge_enable or
> charger enable after this patch at all.  The only thing it glues
> together now is the USB enumeration event to pcf50633 world, but it does
> that by calling an opaque export from pcf50633 which then does the
> pcf50633_charge_enable call on that side of the fence.  So pcf50633
> charger got a little bit more selfcontained and mach-gta02.c needed to
> know less detail about the PMU.

my bad. My memory confused the call to 
with pcf50633_usb_curlim_set.

So there are two ways we end up enabling the charger?
	- pcf50633_work_usbcurlim (triggered from mach-gta02.c)
	- configure_pmu_for_charger (triggered through interrupts)

> Too late, but good advice.  It doesn't affect the code just the patch
> beauty level.  I find unless I layer them while I do them often stuff
> gets mingled in single patch stanzas and then it is hard to pick them
> apart.  And when I am sweating about what I am doing, I don't even know
> the patch is viable until it works much later so beautification seems a
> double waste.

hehe, this is what git-add -i is for :)

take care

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