Ar6k Firmware Version information

Arnaud Derasse arnaud.derasse at
Wed Jul 23 11:56:59 CEST 2008


I still have problems with my WM3236AQ from Accton. I can't use TCP, 
only UDP is working, TCP packets are freezing the chip.
So I have a question :
What firmware version are you using on your WM3236AQ chips on the GTA02 
Freerunner ?

At kernel start I have the following :
BMI Get Target Info: Exit (ver: 0x20000059 type: 0x1)

Do you use the same version ? Since I am using your driver ( from git 
repos ) I think I also need to have the same firmware version.
Is it possible to change the firmware on the chip ? I saw some utilities 
In particular the BMILoader application. Is it for firmware flashing 
operation ?

Another question is : Who could I contact at Atheros to get help on the 
Ar6K "Target debug interrupt". I only have contact at Accton but nobody 
at Atheros. It would be interresting for me to get some contacts 
directly at Atheros to solve drivers problems.

Thank you in advance,

Arnaud Derasse

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