Glamo problem on GTA02

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Thu Jul 31 10:53:45 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> NAND:  256 MiB
|> Found Environment offset in OOB..
| and there it hangs.  Pushing all combinations of power, aux, or removing
| or inserting battery or USB have no effect.

That's unusual behaviour.  Normally U-Boot is prone to going to poweroff
then for some reason, but not hang.  And as you say -->

|> Glamo core device ID: 0x3650, Revision 0x0002

- --->

|> glamo3362 glamo3362.0: Detected Glamo core 3650 Revision 0002
|> (49119232Hz CPU / 81887232Hz Memory)
|> glamo3362 glamo3362.0: Glamo core now 49119232Hz CPU / 81887232Hz Memory)
|> Detected S-Media IRQ# pullup, enabling interrupt
|> glamo-spi-gpio glamo-spi-gpio.0: registering c0373838: jbt6k74
|> SMEDIA Glamo frame buffer driver (C) 2007 Openmoko, Inc.
| But then it hangs at this point, and Glamo is in the limelight.
| Does any of this provide any clues on what might be happening on my GTA02?

It ties into my current misery with Glamo very well.  I can make a guess
about what is happening, somehow the framebuffer region has become
deadly to touch and it jams down nWAIT permanently when you do so.
Currently I routinely see this on resume on 2.6.26 which has a large
patchset on top to solve the device tree issues we always had, when I
force my way in to see what it is doing, it is locked up in the
framebuffer cursor code making the cursor flash.  But I never saw it
with our canned U-Boot or Kernel driver init for Glamo.

It's another straw in the wind, thanks for the report (although I dunno
what it means yet).

What is on the LCM at that time, is it all white by any chance?

- -Andy
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