Glamo problem on GTA02

Rod Whitby rod at
Thu Jul 31 14:36:16 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> |> NAND:  256 MiB
> |> Found Environment offset in OOB..
> |
> | and there it hangs.  Pushing all combinations of power, aux, or removing
> | or inserting battery or USB have no effect.
> That's unusual behaviour.  Normally U-Boot is prone to going to poweroff
> then for some reason, but not hang.

Actually, I can't say that I'd be able to determine whether it went to 
poweroff or hung.  The only thing I know is that I have to push the 
RESET1 button on the Debug Board to get any response out of it (it just 
does the exact same thing again when I do).

> | Does any of this provide any clues on what might be happening on my 
> GTA02?
> It ties into my current misery with Glamo very well.  I can make a guess
> about what is happening, somehow the framebuffer region has become
> deadly to touch and it jams down nWAIT permanently when you do so.
> Currently I routinely see this on resume on 2.6.26 which has a large
> patchset on top to solve the device tree issues we always had, when I
> force my way in to see what it is doing, it is locked up in the
> framebuffer cursor code making the cursor flash.  But I never saw it
> with our canned U-Boot or Kernel driver init for Glamo.
> It's another straw in the wind, thanks for the report (although I dunno
> what it means yet).
> What is on the LCM at that time, is it all white by any chance?

I have seen it all white, and I have seen it all black.  Back when it 
used to boot once in 50 times, I often saw the LCM seeming to "decay" 
from a previously shown picture before bringing up the u-boot menu.  But 
today it was mostly black while doing this, and then at the end of the 
day it did it while showing completely white for a short while.

Is there any test points I can probe to prove your theory?  Anything I 
can put a probe on to affect the capacitance and make it work (since you 
said in the other thread that your CRO probe was able to affect it)?

-- Rod

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