this week work on KBOOT

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Jun 2 22:36:18 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> No actually xingfu got started really well on that, he identified 3
> files out of U-Boot that he needed to make a minimal bootloader.

Sounds great !

> If we were to
> write our own minimal bootloader from scratch, we would probably raid
> the same 3 files for minimal working stuff.  Right?

Yup. I'd also move any initialization that doesn't absolutely have to
happen in the boot loader into the kernel. Makes things much cleaner.

> Hum.  Please give it some thought before we go back down this path of
> block devices with unreliable blocks, etc, in Linux.

Different "coordinates" apart, they're the same as in u-boot. Note
that I'm not suggesting to do crazy things with JFFS2 or friends.
Also, that stuff is much easier to use from Linux than with u-boot.

> I already know the answer to this because I discussed it with Milosch
> the other week: if there is no BBT then MTD stuff in Linux creates one.

Hmm, I have to have a look at this. I know that a BBT is created in
that way in some cases, but I thought one could also prevent it from

- Werner

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