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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| If Xiangfu is having problems, I really do not think either conflicting
| demands (Werner has been away for a month), "many many" mails from me,
| or even my English is making them for him.
| | Let's try this: Please settle on a specific u-boot/Kboot/Kexec task for
| | Xiangfu. He has a gta01 and gta02.
| | Explain it in simple English. Do not argue with each other.
| | If you two are unable to do this, I will try to find a task from our
| | long list of open issues, and then don't complain 'for whatever
| reason' :-)
| I'll discuss this with Werner.


I discussed it with Werner and it seems he quite likes the idea that we
go and work privately on IRC, and just make annoucements on the list
about what we decided.  But this way of working on an open project
doesn't sound good to me.

Nor should the list be restricted to "simple English" when we discuss
some pretty complicated things.  And don't argue about stuff, on a FOSS
mailing list?  Ha.

If your problem really is that Xiangfu gets confused by reading the list
(Xiangfu, I am not sure that is the issue here) then isn't the solution
that we communicate with Xiangfu offlist after we debated it here, and
he can ignore what confuses him?  Why shouldn't we figure out what to
propose in the way we need to?

If your problem is actually, "hey you fill the kernel list with talking
about complicated kernel stuff not everybody understands, STOP IT", then
we have a very serious problem indeed.

- -Andy
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