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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
|> I don't want to talk too much about future products, but I would vote
|> going away from NAND for 03 -- there's too many business risks. 03 is
|> evolution. 04 is revolution.
| The NAND is still there in case we find that we really can't live
| without it. But we all hope we can. Happily ;-)

There is a ton of NAND in the SD Card which

~ - has no bad blocks
~ - needs no ECC
~ - has wear levelling
~ - is user upgradeable
~ - takes standard partitioning directly
~ - does not need special filesystems
~ - needs no special workarounds in production
~ - does not expose a block device that has bad sectors
~ - does not need special MTD utilities like nandwrite to touch it
~ - should be at least around the same speed as existing 2442 MCP NAND
and potentially twice the speed sustained

People use SD boot on GTA01, I used it for months on GTA02 with perfect
reliability, both times via U-Boot which we can still use if push comes
to shove.  We base our GTA02 production on SD Boot.

So I didn't see any abnormal risks and a lot of advantages.

- -Andy
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