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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Thanks for the reply.
| I see your point.  I guess a better solution would be to create a boot
| loader the stays resident after the "main" OS is running, and can be
| called from that OS.  That way the low-level drivers needed for booting
| could be maintained in only one place.  The same could be true for the

Wah.  It's ACPI all over again.  No, a better solution is to strip the
bootloader down to the minimum needed to pull in Linux and start it and
pretend that we never had a bootloader.

Migrating functionality out of Linux can make sense IMO if the new home
has radically different characteristics (ie, PMU management -> always on
MPU) but the different characteristic of bootloader is that it is the
same but has no virtual memory or other conveniences of Linux.

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