[Bug 80] wakeup reason not in /proc/cmdline

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Jun 4 10:04:22 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> OK, but "clean up any kernel-internal uses of "Neo1973"" to what then?

Hmm, this will be an interesting brainstorming exercise ;-)

Some possibilities would be "Openmoko", "Neo", "GTA0x", "GTA01_02", or
maybe we could follow the 24xx example and just use the name of the
earliest member for which a given item applies, i.e., "GTA01" for GTA01
or GTA01+GTA02, and "GTA02" for GTA02-only.

Of course, "wildcard" names like "GTA0x" or even "Openmoko" would
probably cause a lot of changes for GTA04. In the same vein, many
"GTA01_02" would become "GTA01_02_03".

The most scalable is probably the 24xx approach, but then it can
also be hellishly confusing.

> Does it make sense if the sysfs names remain as neo1973?

I guess the question is one of:

- Do we want to have a flag day when we break much of our user space ?
- Do we want to have "new" names plus lots of compatibility symlinks ?
- Do we want to do a phased transition that includes all of the above ?

Since this sort of transitions has ugly longs tails, I wouldn't
object to a bit of imperfection in this case ...

- Werner

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