my work about KBOOT

xiangfu xiangfu at
Wed Jun 4 11:55:38 CEST 2008

Hi Dale Schumacher
i am not sure if the low level code (start.S) can debug under QEMU.
i google this, it seems not work, i am not sure.
maybe Werner can tell us.
> Hi Xiangfu,
> I would like to follow along with the steps Werner suggested.  I want 
> to mirror what you are doing.  If possible, I would like to do this 
> using QEMU, as I do not yet have a Freerunner.
> Werner, et. al. -- please forgive my ignorance.  Can you give me a 
> pointer to help me bootstrap (pardon the pun) this effort?  I'm not 
> sure how to obtain "start.S and friends", or where to look for 
> register/memory mappings for the Freerunner.  Perhaps as Xiangfu makes 
> progress along the lines you recommended, I could follow along in his 
> footsteps.  Is there a good way for me to see snapshots of his progress?

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