comment in glamo-core.c

Sean McNeil sean at
Thu Jun 5 08:25:45 CEST 2008

I see the following comment:

     * the register below originally 0x0108 makes unreliable Glamo MMC
     * write operations.  Cranked to 0x05ad to add a wait state, the
     * unreliability is not seen after 4GB of write / read testing
    { GLAMO_REG_MEM_TIMING1,    0x0108 },

and it made me curious. I was having reliability issues, but the comment 
appears to be no longer valid or there is a typo.

By the way, I've found the following issue with sdcards:

AData 2GB cards seem to be poor when accessing the upper 1GB. Wondering 
if the comment above has anything to do with it.

Patriot 2GB cards haven't shown any of the problems I've seen with AData.

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