Tracking 2.6.26-rc5

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Fri Jun 6 08:59:41 CEST 2008

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Hi -

Yesterday I rebased master / mokopatches-tracking / andy-tracking to
upstream 2.6.26-rc5 git:

~ - suspend is working good the same as 2.6.24 with defconfig-2.6.26 in git

~ - SD-Card boot into DM2 in userspace is fine

~ - SDIO WLAN is presumably still broken at init from pnp changes but
this is likely to be minor if we can comprehend its mysteries

~ - Bluetooth didn't come up but I suspect that is only config problems;
the device seemed to enumerate

~ - Timestamps in printks are still broken, instead of starting at 0s
they start at +21Ms, since nobody fixed it in upstream I guess this is
s3c24xx specific issue

It's pretty decent.  There's no great pressure AFAIK for us to move
stable off 2.6.24 while we are tracking upstream and so not rotting, but
maybe we can think about it for 2.6.26 release.  Are there any new
features since 2.6.24 like userspace drivers that anyone is counting the
hours for?

- -Andy
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