need help with battery model

Sean McNeil sean at
Sat Jun 7 19:54:26 CEST 2008

The application that I'm working with has changed its model from polling 
the battery to waiting for uevents. The power_supply class is setup to 
send uevents when you call power_supply_changed(). I need to get 
information in bq27000_battery.c so I can call power_supply_changed() 
and I'm not sure what the best was to do this is.

Essentially, I need to get notified somehow when there is a change in 
the charger, current, or anything else that changes to pass it along to 
the application (health, temp, capacity, etc). I think I can somehow use 
the apm_queue_event  to get charging state, but not certain. It appears 
that there is a notification going out to it from pcf50633.c. By the 
way, I'm also unclear why pcf50633_get_power_status() is not setup if 
you are a gta02.

Looking at another implementation in drivers/power, i see it gets an 
interrupt when there is a change in battery conditions.  Is this pretty 
much the pcfirq[2]? Does the PCF50633_INT3_ADCRDY interrupt occur on a 
change in capacity? I was thinking I could add a notify callback in 
pcf50633.c and when bq2700_battery.c initializes set it to a routine 
that gets the notice. Sort of like apm_get_power_status gets registered 
(or used to).

I seem to recall reading something like that in emails that have been 
floating around here. Did someone do this already?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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