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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I know how to create a local Git repository
| and use some command like:
| "git add ."
| "git commit -a"
| "git add some/file"
| but I don't know how to add code to the openmoko's git

If you have a good local repository, you are 90% ready to send to
openmoko git.

Instructions for new repo on

0) email me privately your ssh public key (eg, ~/.ssh/ so I
can add access

1) ssh git at

2) cd /var/cache/git

3) ./ADD_NEW_REPO kboot     (or whatever project name)

4) Edit ./kboot.git/description with a few words about project

5) On your local machine, from your project directory

~   git push git at --all

6) check and your project should be there

Instructions to update repo on

Any time you made some local changes and you want to publish them up on
openmoko git, simply:

~  git push ssh://

and confirm all is well (eg, attribution, patch name) by looking at

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