[PATCH 0/9] various mainly pcf50633 resume improvements

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Sat Jun 14 12:45:47 CEST 2008

Am Freitag 13 Juni 2008 23:16:05 schrieb Andy Green:
> The following series gives me 240ms resume performance to video and
> userspace up; resume feels very snappy indeed now.

Great. Can't wait to test.

> I didn't like the need to hold LCM in reset during suspend so I
> changed it to leave LCM powered in deep sleep mode.

Does this have any negative impact on power consumption during suspend?

> It also fixes a resume order dependency issue with glamo mci wanting
> to set power state of SD Card and therefore needing pcf50633 up.
> pcf50633 interrupt workqueue is made to enforce resume state before
> it is willing to stop deferring, the weird bugs around this went away
> with a timeout on the glamo mci stuff above and subsequent fixing of it.
> Individual I2C transactions in pcf50633 get wholesale moved to
> single bulk autoincrenment transactions, the code is WAY simpler
> after this is done to RTC as well and it provides major wins in
> speed during suspend / resume.
> Current limit notifications from USB stack got migrated into pcf50633
> where they belonged in the first place, and made robust against coming
> in during resume at bad times.
> There is still at least one serious issue hiding in suspend / resume
> racing -- I can kill resume stone dead by just adding an mdelay() in
> Glamo suspend code, it should have zero effect.
> So it's very interesting to hear any results from anyone else trying
> these patches (which are on andy branch now).

Will do later today.


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