Never heard back from you guys on the CPU timer issue

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Mon Jun 16 08:33:36 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| So who is on the kernel list and what exactly does it address?

All of the tech guys that can operate "below userspace" are there.
Because it means we deal with Linux drivers and bootloaders and so on
that are "close to the metal", hardware issues are also discussed there.

I wouldn't worry about embarrassing ourselves because somebody told you
there may be a little software timer issue, on the kernel list we have
talked about and solved some extremely horrible things in public.  The
only time I would hesitate about it IMO is if it is a fatal hardware
issue discovered, then we can maybe at least bring it up on internal
list and give an opportunity to figure out a way forward first (but even
then the last time we had one -- missing PMU cap instability --  the
move was to just continue on kernel list).  If it is just a software
issue, even hysterical community people understand it can get fixed and
isn't a real ding.

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