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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 02:48:24PM +0100, Andy Green wrote:
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|> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
|> | Andy Green wrote:
|> |> We just need to be able to install the target packages and -dev on the
|> |> build host so we can build against them, like any other normal distro.
|> |
|> | Hmm, don't we have this already with opkg-target ? (See John Lee's
|> | mail from May 29.)
|> He said he was going to work on it... is this part of the toolchain
|> tarball now then?  That would be a great thing indeed.
| afaik, not yet.  julian was interested in it so he took it over.  the
| structure is there already, but we need to fix the related bb files in
| OE because most of the time install a -dev package will trigger the
| installation of some non exist packages.  this will cause opkg failure.

OK but this is still striding out in the right direction, great.  To
close the circle the other thing we need is "rpmbuild" so the guy can in
turn package "his app" into opkg.  With those two in place we actually
have a real story for developers really based on the packages.

|> | By the way, what really puzzles me in all this discussion is whether
|> | you're really the only person on the whole planet who tries to get
|> | OE to work on Fedora.
|> Seems so if we mean Fedora 9.  Most folks in OM are on Ubuntu it seems,
|> you're on Gentoo.  I didn't meet anyone on Fedora (maybe Carsten uses it
|> for old times' sake I don't remember).

| hmm i believe some OE guys use fedora.  actually i did bring your question
| to them but he doesn't use the experimental (? I can't recall the
right name)
| version you're using by then.

"Development" branch... the reason it didn't think that was inherently
the source of the trouble is it was only a couple of weeks away from
mutating into Fedora 9 release at that time, and I believe they always
use their own distro gcc to build the distro.

What Mike said sounded right, there's a lag between cutting edge tools
and OE coping with them regardless of distro they came from, which is
fair enough in itself.  The issue is minimized in most cases to zero
when we can use precooked packages, then we couldn't care less about the
build requirements for it when we will never build it ourselves.

Anyway I am really glad to hear you moved it on and Julian will take it
up, in terms of convincing a developer he can be productive quickly this
package-based story will be about a bazillion times more effective than
direct OE tools.

- -Andy
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