andy git 06/15 suspend/resume observations

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Fri Jun 20 03:27:01 CEST 2008

Am Fr  20. Juni 2008 schrieb Mike (mwester):
> neo1973_pm_gsm driver resumes and disables the console -- during this
> window the GSM would get loads of marvelously confusing output that
> usually resulted in both GSM and gsmd going out to lunch.  THAT problem
> can be resolved by removing ttySAC0 as a console altogether.  BUT when
> It's really a horrible,
> horrible mess, and its so incredibly frustrating to think that there had
> to have been(![jr]) a meeting at Openmoko/FIC at one point, where SOMEBODY
> could have said one sentence and had the GSM/console mux changed to
> GPS/console -- and the grief that would have solved is immeasurable.

You really expect any of our .tw coworkers (or even me, having enjoyed 6 years 
of English lessons, and familiar to English data sheets for 20 years now) 
should exactly understand what you want to communicate?
Probably it would serve even for your own understanding of the situation, if 
you could find *simple* words to explain it to a majority of people

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