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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
|> Am Fr  20. Juni 2008 schrieb Mike (mwester):
|>> neo1973_pm_gsm driver resumes and disables the console -- during this
|>> window the GSM would get loads of marvelously confusing output that
|>> usually resulted in both GSM and gsmd going out to lunch.  THAT problem
|>> can be resolved by removing ttySAC0 as a console altogether.  BUT when
|> [...]
|>> It's really a horrible,
|>> horrible mess, and its so incredibly frustrating to think that there had
|>> to have been(![jr]) a meeting at Openmoko/FIC at one point, where
|>> could have said one sentence and had the GSM/console mux changed to
|>> GPS/console -- and the grief that would have solved is immeasurable.
|> You really expect any of our .tw coworkers
| No. My commentary is not directed to the .tw folks.

This is valid, we have to tailor it to the audience which is not .tw
folks for this.

|> Probably it would serve even for your own understanding of the
situation, if
|> you could find *simple* words to explain it to a majority of people
| Well, my understanding of the problem is very clear, but I will be happy
| to be more direct with my comments, even if that makes my comments sound
| more harsh or critical than intended.

I think the problem here is as much the subject matter as the
non-literal speech, my eyes also glaze over when reading about these
entrenched flow control issues and their history, and I am currently
interested in it!  And a good non-literal allusion captures a situation
in 1/10th of the words while giving a new perspective at the same time.

It seems the medicine the flow issue really needs is radical
simplification but currently I don't understand enough of it to do such
a thing.  Since gsm came up before serial until recently I suspect bad
resume ordering made the real trouble somehow but it's just a guess
right now.

For the spy stuff, Sean's idea to make it generic is good and one day we
need to stick #ifdef CONFIG_SERIAL_SPY or something around it all,
because it is pretty invasive many places right now (and this "8188"
allocation in the init can be improved maybe).  But if it is helping
with this nasty issue we forgive it for now.

I sent it on to andy.

- -Andy
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