My Gta02s wont charge

steve steve at
Fri Jun 20 18:22:56 CEST 2008

I havent placed a different battery in the phone. Will do that. I tried
running without the battery.
No joy. But I am pretty sure micheal and I tested that before on the other
phones we got.

Maybe I did get a flakely phone. 

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Hi Steve,

How are you determining that it is the battery not getting a charge as
opposed to the phone not powering up? Are you placing another battery in the
phone and that one works? Maybe the battery is charging but the phone will
not power up. Can you see a device instantiated on the laptop when you plug
in the phone? Are you holding the power key down for a long time or just
pushing and quickly releasing? You do not need a battery to run the phone.
It will run off USB power.

steve wrote:
>  When I got the phone it had a charge.
>  It worked. Continued to take a charge.  When I let it drain to ZERO
>  Then wont charge.
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Ah ok.
> |
> | Well  I had two Neos GtA02 # 86 and I think #72.
> |
> | I checked them both out when I got them and they both worked fine, 
> | made calls functioned properly.
> |
> | After testing for a couple days I turned both phones off.
> |
> | Then I had a customer who needed a phone for his engineers so I 
> | figured, I'll give him one of mine.
> |
> | So I went to charge it. USB laptop. No charge. Next day I try 
> | factory charger #1, wall socket. No charge
> So to be clear the phone never really powered up at all during all 
> this, after the initial running out of juice?
> -Andy

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