My Gta02s wont charge

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Sun Jun 22 22:55:05 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> This will also solve the "no charging when PMU left on its own if
|> charger off was the last order" issue as a side effect.
| That's one of the things I'm not convinced about. If the PMU manual is
| to be believed, there's no active current path to the battery or Vsys
| in that state.

Well, powering up on insertion would certainly solve the problems of
charger indication (if we booted) and charging (if even U-Boot gets to
run) alright.  The question is if we can actually get the CPU running in
all cases.

| Furthermore, if the battery is below the Vsys detection threshold
| voltage, Vth(sysmin) = 2.5V, and there is no other current path to Vsys,
| the system shouldn't come up for whatever reason.
| Heh, just tried that setup, and this time it really didn't come up when
| I plugged in USB. Finally something works as expected ;-)

You're saying that you don't think we can ever bring the CPU up at all
if you have a battery in there that is < 2.5V?  No matter what buttons
you're pressing?  Or just auto start from USB insertion is then broken?
~ Or all of this only happens if we disable charging from the previous

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