sdcard report

Sean McNeil sean at
Tue Jun 24 07:40:32 CEST 2008

I recently worked with showing a demo of software on 2 gta02v5 phones in 
asia. The demo does a good amount of I/O to an ext3 partition on an 
sdcard split into fat16 and ext3. Combined with the experience I've had 
here I have:

2GB A-Data sdcard fails
2GB Patriot sdcard works
512GB Kingston sdcard fails
512MB Sandisk sdcard fails (I think it was 512. Maybe 1GB)
1GB Transcend sdcard works

At times, there were no failures indicated by the driver at all, but 
there are corruptions.

The application creates multiple directories and files. There are 
consistency checks in the application that end up failing because the 
UID/GID of directories are incorrect. The odd thing is if you reboot and 
look they are correct. Perhaps there is some sort of cache incoherency 
going on here?

The old issue with the clock rate does not seem to be involved. I bumped 
it down from 16.6MHz to 10 and no luck.

I would like to see more complete testing of the sdcard read/write. If I 
have time, I will try to implement something simple to recreate the problem.

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