how to read NAND(and input Chinese)

xiangfu xiangfu at
Thu Jun 26 02:56:30 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> ~ - reading block data from NAND and getting OOB data with it too
> ~ - try to use hardware ECC (error correction) like U-Boot
> ~ - look in OOB and find if it marks block bad
> - -Andy
i search some knowledge about NAND, but i still have no idea about READ 
a program from NAND.
so i need some tip.
something like:
step    1. initialization  NAND.
          2. what the blink_led program should be in NAND.

By the way there are another two question:
1. where is the code of read SIM card contacts. i want it can read Chinese.
    there is some different between English and Chinese store in SIM card.

2. Is there Auto Text in openmoko. like "adn" it can auto change to "and".
    is have this function, i can simply input Chinese by replace the 
Auto Text file.
so the FREERUNNER can sale in China with a Chinese Input Method (Wubi 
input method).

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