My Gta02s wont charge / chgena = 0 by default

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Thu Jun 26 10:07:06 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| With 45mA we're comfortably in a zone where we can run from USB.
| GTA02v5 still isn't entirely happy, due to the high LED current,
| but GTA02v6 should be okay. I'll make a patch later.

Sounds good.

| There's one remaining problem: why does my GTA02 shut down when
| enabling the charger while there's no battery ?
| I examined the PMU settings at various points (I've written a
| pretty-printer for PMU and other register dumps,
|, and the only
| thing that hints at a problem is that INT4.lowsys is set after
| the sudden shutdown.

Wouldn't this get set as a symptom of the shutdown, not a cause?

| So it seems that the all-important Vsys wants closer examination,
| to see if it's just unstable or if the source is indeed turned
| off. That'll be fun ...

I wonder if what it is doing as part of the charging action is removing
the load from the battery so it can assess the voltage on it.  This
would "have consequences" if there was no external power.

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