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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Werner, Andy,
| I was looking at a 'nand bad' output in u-boot and saw some addresses
| (0ff80000, 0ffa0000, etc).
| Where is the base address, in other words - where is NAND flash offset 0
| in the CPU's 32-bit address space?
| Does someone know where we have a complete map? Including all
| controllers, memory registers, video ram, and whatever is mapped into
| the address space?
| I only know the SDRAM starts at 0x30000000, for both GTA01 and GTA02 I
| guess.

Werner would know any differences for GTA01, but looking at the 2442
datasheet p172 Fig 5-1, the basic deal is that 8 physical chip select
signals map on to 128MByte blocks from physical address 0.

The first block holds a little 4KByte RAM buffer that is auto-filled
from NAND by CPU hardware, called "steppingstone" when we boot from
NAND, or the NOR is mapped in there.

nCS0: 00000000 07FFFFFF  4K steppingstone or NOR (Aux held down)
nCS1: 08000000 0FFFFFFF  Glamo
nCS2: 10000000 17FFFFFF  nothing mapped
nCS3: 18000000 1FFFFFFF  NOR
nCS4: 20000000 17FFFFFF  nothing mapped
nCS5: 28000000 2FFFFFFF  nothing mapped
nCS6: 30000000 37FFFFFF  on-MCP SDRAM 128MB
nCS7: 38000000 3FFFFFFF  external SDRAM 128MB

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