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Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Thu May 8 12:37:23 CEST 2008

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Hi folks -

I upleveled the andy-tracking branch to upstream git yesterday and there
were some more of the usual breakages which I fixed up.

Our Alsa stuff has gone through the alsa lists into mainline thanks to
Graeme if I understood it, which was nice to see, there were one or two
things to clean there but basically it replaced some of our patches.
Nice treat.

However changes in pnp layer which I patched around have currently
broken WLAN in andy-tracking right now, really the out-of-mainline SDIO
layer used by WLAN is broken by it I think.  (And the timestamp thing is
broken too but that's not our fault hopefully)

[21474539.950000] S3c2440 SDIO Host controller
[21474540.055000] SDIO BusDriver - SDIO_GetBusOSDevice, registering
driver: sdio_s3c24xx_hcd DMAmask: 0x0
[21474540.060000] pnp: the driver 'sdio_s3c24xx_hcd' has been registered
[21474540.070000] SDIO BusDriver - SDIO_GetBusOSDevice failed
pnp_device_add: -22
[21474540.080000] pnp: the driver 'sdio_s3c24xx_hcd' has been unregistered
[21474540.090000] s3c24xx-sdio: probe of s3c24xx-sdio failed with error -22
[21474540.100000] pnp: the driver 'sdio_wlan' has been registered

You can find the tree and my not yet adequate pnp patch


- -Andy
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