Suggestions for kernel bugs that can be fixed with QEMU, w/o actual hardware?

Crane, Matthew mcrane03 at
Fri May 9 16:38:33 CEST 2008

Doh.. Yea, I checked the kernel bug list and it doesn't look like
anything could be fixed without hardware (should have checked it before
writing an email).

So then even if the hardware is not the same, the app software and the
rest of the system built with mokomakefile is equivalent or reasonably
close to what will be loaded on the GTA02 that ships?  

Or will what can be loaded and run on QEMU be mostly dated?

Paitently waiting for freerunner.. 


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On 09/05/2008, Crane, Matthew <mcrane03 at> wrote:
>  I want to dig into some OM code prior to getting my own hardware.
>  built an 02 image with MokoMokefile and my env is ready to go.
>  Any suggestions for some good starter bugs that can be addressed
>  QEMU?  I'm particularly interested in kernel bugs or the emulation
>  interface.  I've somehow managed to become too entrenched in
>  stuff at work and am craving real linux development this weekend.

The GTA02 rootfs should work, but the GTA02 kernel won't run in qemu
(or rather, it will run and detect GTA01 hardware, because that's
what's emulated).  So GTA02 kernel hacking is not the best choice if
you have no hardware.  (Contributions to qemu-neo1973 are very welcome

It was chosen to not put effort into faithful emulation of GTA02
hardware because it makes no difference for application developers,
while the kernel/u-boot developers had not really made use of qemu
during the making of GTA01 (except for Cesar Barros' cpu-freq support
and minor bugfixes by me - fixing nasty kernel/u-boot bugs is what
qemu is best at).  Currently only the parts of GTA02 that had no
equivalent in GTA01 are emulated.


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