Suggestions for kernel bugs that can be fixed with QEMU, w/o actual hardware?

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at
Sat May 10 18:50:00 CEST 2008

On 09/05/2008, Crane, Matthew <mcrane03 at> wrote:
> Doh.. Yea, I checked the kernel bug list and it doesn't look like
>  anything could be fixed without hardware (should have checked it before
>  writing an email).

I think most kernel things from the bug list could be fixed with an
emulator, if we had one. I would risk saying that they are easier to
fix this way than with hardware.

>  So then even if the hardware is not the same, the app software and the
>  rest of the system built with mokomakefile is equivalent or reasonably
>  close to what will be loaded on the GTA02 that ships?

Yes, it's the same system afaik.  It's the same building process
except MokoMakefile is more radical about automating it, and has a
form of a Makefile.

>  Or will what can be loaded and run on QEMU be mostly dated?

With the exception of the kernel and bootloader, what can be loaded in
QEMU is what can be loaded on a GTA02.


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