Fix problem with A-Data 2GB microSD card - Revisited

Sean McNeil sean at
Sun May 11 09:33:59 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> |> I like the look of what this patch is doing, but do we really need to
> |> limit ALL cards to ~10MHz instead of current 16MHz?  If the card itself
> |> can't handle 16MHz it should report that and the mmc layer will limit
> |> what it asks for.  Or is this some signal quality issue for us, 
> that the
> |> card can handle higher rates but not with our signals?
> |>
> | That is what I thought - that the mmc layer should be getting something
> | that says what the card can do. I'm guessing these card say they are
> | high speed but are not. Or something like that. The card can handle the
> | 16MHz rate when talking to the lower 1GB of data, so there is something
> | odd here.
> Ah the timeout is measured in card clocks -- when you decrease card
> clock rate, you increase the absolute timeout.  If one of the NANDs in
> the card is slower about fetching data, it can make this situation.
> Try munging this
>     /* enforce timeout */
>     if (cmd->data) {
>         if (cmd->data->timeout_clks)
>             writew_dly(cmd->data->timeout_clks >> 4, /* / 16 clks */
>                     host->base + GLAMO_REG_MMC_TIMEOUT);
>         else
>             writew_dly(0xfff, host->base + GLAMO_REG_MMC_TIMEOUT);
>     } else
>         writew(0xfff, host->base + GLAMO_REG_MMC_TIMEOUT);
> into just
>     writew(0xfff, host->base + GLAMO_REG_MMC_TIMEOUT);
> to max out all timeouts.
This didn't help. with a 3 divisor on f_max I still get a status of

> | I'm not very sure if the irq handler is working for me. Maybe this is a
> | cpu-bound limitation? What happens when I don't reduce f_max is that I
> | get a data timeout with data ready set at the same time.
> If you have GTA02 A5 and later, it will use irq; for A4 and earlier the
> irq line is broken and it detects that and uses polling.  Otherwise
> glamo irq is definitely solid for mmc, since I use sd card rootfs here
> all day every day.
This is a v6 phone.


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