Merging the andy branch into the stable branch

Andy Green andy at
Tue May 13 17:18:01 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hey Andy,
| there are currently 17 patches in your branch that aren't in the stable
| branch. I would like to see the backlight changes and my pcf50633
changes in
| the stable branch. This is only leaving the bt timeouts, glamo debug
and MMC
| unsafe resume patch.
| Do you plan to merge these to the stable branch? May I merge the
| changes and pcf50633 ones?

Holger, the idea of the andy branch is to test things to see if they
will bust the stable branch before we put them in there.

I didn't hear any feedback about the important changes in LL debug which
also has the MMC unsafe resume patches.  Are you running the andy
patchset or is anyone running it except me?

There's not much point sitting on these patches for QA if nobody is Aing
the Q.  If nobody has any feedback I will stick the whole lot on stable
in the next hours (yeah it isn't I forgot how to put patches on stable

- -Andy

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